Just the Clicks


  1. Pick up Monkey Coffin at back of ship.
  2. Examine Monkey Coffin.
  3. Combine Breath Mints with Root Beer.
  4. Combine Fizzy Root Beer with Cutlass.
  5. Ask Elaine to throw you a rope.
  6. Use Cutlass on plant.
  7. Use Chuck Roots on Grog Barrel.
  8. Use Breath Mints on Grog Barrel.
  9. Use Cutlass on Grog Barrel.
  10. Use Cutlass on LeChuck.

Treasure Hunting

  1. Talk to Portly Pirate in Jungle.
  2. Ask about treasure.
  3. Ask about Porcelain Power Pirates.
  4. Ask about what he has left.
  5. Distract pirate with the Dark Ninja Dave option.
  6. Pick up a doll.
  7. Ask pirate about a map.
  8. Click on socks near Narwhal.
  9. Enter Club 47.
  10. Pick up Grogatini Glass
  11. Combine Grogatini Sword with Action Figure.
  12. Dip in Vat outside the Keelhauler Gazette.
  13. Find well in jungle.
  14. Use map on Wishing Well.
  15. Follow sounds, first to the east from the well.
  16. Then east again along straight section.
  17. North path at ????.
  18. South path at crossroads.
  19. South at pirate.
  20. North at entrance.
  21. West at the altar.
  22. Bury Dark Ninja Dave in hole.
  23. Talk to D'oro again.

The Narwhal

  1. Find bombs in jungle.
  2. Run up plank.
  3. Climb chain.
  4. Light bomb on grease.
  5. Put bomb in Frilly Pink Underwear.
  6. Click on clothesline.


  1. Find buried treasure and board the Narwhal.
  2. Find cabin in Jungle.
  3. Give password as given to you.
  4. Click on the Parrot in the cage.
  5. Pick up the parrot off the ground.
  6. Pick up bottle near the exit.
  7. Pick up the Weather Vane outside when you leave.

The Doctor

  1. Go to the doctor's.
  2. Click on key to the right.
  3. Use key on cage.
  4. Ring the bell.
  5. Tap furthest away pedal.
  6. Tap nearest pedal.
  7. Click on picture on ground.
  8. Use picture on box of pictures.
  9. Ring bell.
  10. Press furthest away pedal.
  11. Press nearest pedal.
  12. Ring bell.
  13. Press furthest pedal.

The Ancient Door

  1. Talk to Crusty Pirate outside the courthouse.
  2. Talk until you get Eye of the Manatee.
  3. Talk to the glass blower.
  4. Ask about unbreakable bottles.
  5. Board the Screaming Narwhal.
  6. Fire the cannon.
  7. Take the Bottle Breaker at the glass blower's.
  8. Combine Bottle Breaker with Unbreakable Bottle.
  9. Combine Eye of the Manatee with Ancient Scroll.
  10. Find altar in Jungle (first path north).
  11. Use scroll on altar.
  12. Follow bee sound to the south.
  13. Follow monkey sound to the west.
  14. Follow wind to the north (examine Weather Vane).
  15. Use Flower Pot on Wishing Well.
  16. Follow the wind east.
  17. Follow bee sound back to the west.
  18. Follow the wind south-west.
  19. Walk around the calendar anti-clockwise.
  20. Follow the wind north.
  21. Use Bottle Breaker on Crystal Nose.
  22. Pick up Ancient Door Face at the Ancient Door.
  23. Use Pyrite Parrot with Nasal Cavity
  24. Go back to the Docks and talk to De Singe.
  25. Claim to have Proof.
  26. Use Ancient Tool on Clamshell near the statue.

The Idols

  1. Put Weather Vane on top of the idol.
  2. Match each section to the face on the vane.
  3. Two eyes with eyebrows.
  4. M shaped nose.
  5. Rectangle mouth.
  6. Use Ancient Tool with clamshell next to the idol.

Enigmatic Idol

  1. Go to the Idol on the south of the island.
  2. Cross eyes.
  3. Turn nose to blank space.
  4. Use Flower Pot with blank space.
  5. Mouth with tongue poking out.
  6. Use Ancient Tool with clamshell next to the idol.

Strange Idol

  1. Pick up the cheese wheel from the Narwhal deck.
  2. Use with Jail Carvings along the jail wall.
  3. Go to the Strange Idol on the north-west of the island.
  4. Put Weather Vane into Interesting Socket.
  5. Use the cheese with the Idol.
  6. Triangle eyes.
  7. Circular nostrils.
  8. Semi-circle mouth.
  9. Use Ancient Tool with clamshell next to the idol.

Messed Up Idol

  1. Get the free vowel from Glass Blower shop.
  2. Go to the Messed Up Idol on the east side of the island.
  3. Distract.
  4. Use tube with Rifle.
  5. Rotate pieces until you hear a happy sigh.
  6. Three eyes.
  7. Dripping nose.
  8. Swirl mouth.
  9. Use Ancient Tool with clamshell next to the idol.


  1. Click on the wheel.
  2. Fire the cannon.
  3. Click on the map.
  4. Talk to Winslow.