Q: I've got the other stuff, but what's the Sacrifice?
A: Once you've place the other items in the circle you can ask Morgan about it.
Q: How do I stop getting knocked out of my body?
A: Surrender.
Q: How do I reach the gum?
A: You need to be put into that other cell. That means the current one needs to be full. Bait Bugeye with the information from his diary and copy the face he makes.
Q: How do I capture those pesky parrots?
A: You can't capture them directly with the jar, you need to use something else. There's a net in the ocean - you'll have to be in possession of your body to pick it up of course.
Q: How do I steal the secret?
A: You need to get the Thief to trust you. Go to the Jungle area through the Rip in the Treasure Hunt area, unlock the Chest and then take the buckle and use it on the Thief.
Q: What's the bland taste? I can't find anything.
A: The taste is some gum. You can get back into the cell by surrendering to Grindstump, the gum you're looking for is on the top of the window.
Q: I can't unlock these barrels and I go past the keys too fast.
A: You need to distract LeChuck as he keehauls you. Beforehand ask Elaine to Attack LeChuck.