Kicking off right where we left off in the previous chapter, Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, it's time to fight Morgan LeFlay.

Talk to her until you get around to the seagull and then pick up the hook on the side. Talk again and you'll be back up by the wheel. Use the hook on the cable above you and then cut the rope next to the barrel of fish on the far end of the sail.

Talk some more until you get back up to the wheel again. Turn the wheel and the barrel of fish will slide to the opposite end. Talk yourself back to the seagull and pester it.

Click on the map on the wall and then on the large trio of islands in the top left corner, the Jerkbait Islands.

Spinner Cay

On arrival follow the path to the right, you'll be forced to talk to Anemone and can get some good information off her. Once you've tired of talking go further along and as you approach the next turn you'll see Elaine.

Once the conversation ends, click on the Statue on the corner to receive a Fish Eye. Then follow Elaine up to the throne room and ask her about the raft to be given a Transit Pass.

Head to the Exit here and then follow the path to the right and into a cave, ignore the other path to the Library for now.

You should pick up the Bucket in front of the shop, you'll need it later. Also ask Anemone here to fix your mast, you'll need it in a bit.

Head down to the raft and give Anemone your Transit Pass. Your first port of call should be Roe Island to the north.

Roe Island

Use your Locket on the Manatee on the wall to receive a piece of blank paper. Combine the Eye of the Manatee you got in the previous chapter and the Fish Eye you got from the Statue in Spinner Cay to get a Fish Eye of the Manatee. Combine this with the Paper you just got and you'll be able to read it.

This will give you the name of a book.

Spinner Cay

Follow the path to the Library and ask for 101 Fish Jokes from Tetra. Examine the book and you'll find a Special Coupon. Go up to the Bait and Repair shop and give Anemone the coupon for the bait.

Off to the largest of the Jerkbait Islands now.

Spoon Isle

Talk to the Arguing Pirates and attempt to distract them both from looking at the chest. Ask them what they're arguing about and then suggest a fair way to settle the argument. Get them into a staring contest and then tell them of something behind them.

While they're both looking away from the chest put the Pyrite Parrot into the open empty chest and they'll then go and bury it with the parrot inside. Now, head into the jungle. Unlike the jungle of Flotsam Island this one is entirely preset and not random.

Go to the first right and you'll see a Fishing Well. You can pick up the coupon on there but the bait that it gives you is not useful. Instead combine your Hook with the Glowy Bait and you'll find the first of the summoning artifacts, the Summoning Fish Artifact.

Head back to the entrance of the jungle and go left at the start. At the boat blocking the path go down the path leading to the top-right of your screen and then again top-right of the next screen. One more screen and you reach LeChuck.

Pick up the Coupon? on the ground and then head back to the Jungle Entrance again, get back on the raft and go back to Spinner Cay.

Spinner Cay

Once more to the Bait and Repair shop, give Anemone the Oyster Coupon. Examine the oyster to find a Pearl inside.

Head down to the docks and get back onto your own ship (provided you've gotten the mast fixed). Sail north-east to Brillig Island in the top right corner of the map.

Brillig Island

Follow the sound of the Pyrite Parrot to the far left end of the island and you'll be able to dig up the Summoning Seahorse Artifact.

Jump back into your rowboat and back to the Jerkbait Islands. Go to Spoon Isle on the raft.

Spoon Isle

Head back through the jungle to LeChuck. Give him the Pearl you got from the Oyster and instruct him to use the Pearl with the claw thingie. Then tell him to use his MerFolk key with the clamshell lock.

Now use your own Ancient Tool with the other clamshell lock to open the altar. Pick up the Prying Tool on the side of the alter and give it to LeChuck so that he can pry the final artifact.

Pick up the Prying Tool again and go to the right to meet up with LeChuck again where he'll give you the Summoning Turtle Artifact.

With all three artifacts head back to Spinner Cay.

Spinner Cay

Head up to the throne room and grab the Hot Tub control. Once you've got it go to the Library where Elaine is trapped. Just click on the statue to free her.

Once she's left use the Bucket you got from the Bait and Repair shop on the Hot Coals on the floor. Off to Spoon Island again.

Spoon Island

Head right to the Fishing Well and then onwards to where LeChuck is being ambushed. Head a bit further left to a Vaycalian Barbecue. Use the Hot Coals on it and the Hot Tub Controls. Turn on the barbecue and then put the Pyrite Parrot on it.

Instead of going directly to the altar take the Bowl of Melted Pyrite to the cliff top and use it on the Cliff Edge. To get there from the barbecue head left, then down the top-right path all the way to the cliff.

Head down to the altar (straight left from the entrance) and use the Prying Tool to get the fake artifact.

Go back to LeChuck and use the Fake Turtle Artifact on LeChuck to get rid of the pirate trio.

Get back onto your raft and click on the bottom two ships of the Blockade.


Just click through the gap to get to the Screaming Narwhal.

Click on the map and head to McGillicutty's Ship between the Jerkbait Islands and Brillig Island. Talk to McGillicutty and insult him, this should smash your mast.

Sail to Brillig Island and talk to Hardtack and Trenchfoot. Get them to check the tree and then go and push it fully over. Get into your rowboat and head back to Spinner Cay again.

Spinner Cay

Get Anemone to fix your mast with the Rubber Tree you just pushed over and then head back out to McGillicutty's Ship again. Insult him into firing at you once more to sink his own ship. Head back to the Jerkbait Islands and meet with the MerLeader.

Ask the MerLeader about La Esponja Grande. Take the Summoning Ball Artifact down to the Ocean at the end of the dock and toss it in.