Straight off you're going to want to head up the steps to the back of the ship and pick up the Monkey Coffin. Open the coffin by examining it, this will give you some Root Beer. Combine your Breath Mints with this flat Root Beer by dragging them into the two circles on the left and pressing the + between them.

Next you'll want to combine the Fizzy Root Beer with your Cutlass in the same way. Talk to Elaine and ask her to throw you the rope now. Time to make some more Root Beer. Use your Cutlass on the plant towards the front of the ship to get some Chuck Roots. Use this with the barrel of Grog further towards the back.

Yep, use your Breath Mints with this mixture and then your Cutlass with the Barrel of Enchanted Root Grog you now have. And finally use your newly Enchanted Cutlass with LeChuck to finish off this section.

Enter the Jungle

Walk forwards onto the wooden deck and follow it all the way until you reach the next area. Take the path north through a pair of stone pillars and into the Jungle.

Go west and you should meet a Portly Pirate, also known as Joaquin D'Oro. Ask him about what kind of treasure he is looking for, then about the Porcelain Power Pirates and then what he has left to get. You can then distract D'Oro successfully with the "Look, it's Dark Ninja Dave!" option.

Whilst he's distracted you are free to pick up one of his dolls from the pile. Talk to him again and ask to look at his map. Head west, then west again past a stone ???? and clamshell. You should be able to find a Pile of Bombs in this next section, pick them up and then head back to the Jungle Entrance and then out to the Dock.

Boarding the Narwhal

Run to the left down to the end of the docks where you'll see the Screaming Narwhal. Attempt to walk up the plank first, this should create a Grease Smear on the dock. Next attempt to climb the Anchor Chain directly below Winslow. Use your Mini Bomb on the new Grease Fire to light it.

Click on the socks on the clothesline to the right to find a Membership Card. Then put the bomb in the Frilly Pink Underwear and then attempt to board the ship by climbing along the Clothesline. The ship is yours!

Dark Ninja Dave

Continue along the docks and attempt to enter Club 47 now that you've got a Membership Card. Pick up the Broken Grogatini Glass when you get thrown out and combine this with the Action Figure you picked up from D'Oro's pile. Then dip it into the nearby Vat to turn it into Dark Ninja Dave.

Back in the jungle go west to D'Oro and then north to the Wishing Well. Use your map on the well to start the trail, please note that you need to follow the entire thing properly from start to finish. The way to follow the map is to follow the sounds of the jungle. Each picture is associated with a sound as you approach an exit to the current section, so obviously the way you need to go is to go down the matching sound path.

First we go east with the pig sounds. East again for a monkey. North at the ???? to follow the bee sounds. South at the crossroads for monkey noises. Continue going south past D'Oro where there are some pig sounds and then north at the entrance following the bee sounds. The last direction is to the west at the altar where you'll hear bird sounds.

Use the fake Dark Ninja Dave on the X Marks the Spot to bury it. Head back to D'Oro and talk to him again to tell him his map wasn't a rip-off.


You should now be given a password to get into Deep Gut's cabin as well as directions. That's west, north, north, north and you'll get there. Click on the door to get in. Chatter with the Voodoo Lady all you like.

Click on the parrot cage above her to the left and then grab the Pyrite Parrot off the floor to the left where it falls. You should also be able to see an Interesting Bottle near the screen which you'll want to pick up before you go. Outside you'll want to pick up a fallen Weather Vane.

Back in the Docks after seeing the Pox of LeChuck talk to the Glass Blower Crimpdigit. Ask about the Alphabet sale and then for a free vowel, a U-Tube. Then ask him about your Unbreakable Bottle and he'll get out his Bottle Breaker.

Jump onto your ship and pick up the Cheese Wheel, also fire the cannon. This should distract Crimpdigit and allow you to steal the Bottle Breaker.

Go east to the Court House and talk to the Crusty Pirate, Hemlock, sitting on the steps. Ask him to help you and then to see his ancient scroll. Convince him to give you the Eye of the Manatee with any of the options. A little further along at the jail use the Cheese Wheel on the Jail Carvings to get an Imprinted Cheese Wheel.

Turn around and head up to the Doctor's near the Screaming Narwhal. You should automatically pick up a Flower Pot as you knock the first time, knock again to go in.

De Singe's Lab

Strapped to the chair you can somehow rotate and tilt to get within range of various items and objects surrounding you. First you'll want to face the key on the table to the right and pick it up with your feet. Turn and give it to the monkey so he can open his cage.

The bell on the desk will make the monkey switch the picture in the projector, this is useful for telling it where to go. You need to give it a banana for it to actually go so tilt so that you can reach the pedals on the ground and press the furthest away one.

The monkey should jump over to the strange device with a rat in in the corner - provided the picture in the projector is of that device. Press the other pedal to zap the monkey and so cause an X-Ray of your hand to fall onto the floor.

Rotate and pick that up, then rotate towards the bell and throw it into the box of pictures for the monkey to sort through. Ring the bell to get it to switch to that very X-Ray. Give the monkey another banana and it'll jump over to the skeleton with a key on its finger.

Shock Jacques to pick up the key. Again ring the bell to bring him back over and switch to a picture of a pirate. One more banana should do it.

The Ancient Door

Now that your hand is under control you can use the Bottle Breaker to break your Unbreakable Bottle. Combine the blank Ancient Scroll with your Eye of the Manatee to read it. Time to follow another treasure map.

Head north to the altar. Use the scroll on the altar to start. Go south to the bees, west towards the monkey sound and then get out your Weather Vane. It might be a little tricky to work out which way it is pointing as you zoom in a little oddly, it's pointing north.

You should arrive at the well, use the Flower Pot on it and then pull out the Vane again. Go east and then turn around and go back the way you came following the bee sound. Again with the wind, this points south-west and brings you to a large circular calendar on the ground.

Walk around the calendar in a complete circle anti-clockwise until you stop and the screen rumbles a bit. Whip out your Weather Vane one last time and then go north where you'll reach the end of the trail.

Use the Unbreakable Bottle Breaker on the Crystal Nose in the centre of the doorway and the stone face will fall off. Pick up that face and then use your Pyrite Parrot on the Nasal Cavity.

Head back into town and have another chat with the Maquis De Singe. Show him the proof and you'll then be taken back to the doorway in the jungle again. You'll automatically pick up the Ancient Tool that the Maquis leaves behind, use it on the clamshell nearest the large statue to trigger all of the Idols in the jungle to activate.

The Idols

Use your Weather Vane on the Idol nearby, the picture facing you will be how you will want to arrange the face on the wheels below. This one features two eyes with eyebrows, the M shaped nose, and a rectangle mouth. Once you've matched the face use your Ancient Tool on the Clamshell to the side, if you've done it correctly the Idol will lower and the Wind Statue will move one finger.

On the island map you can directly run to each of the remaining idols, you can go to the Strange Idol on the north-west side or the Enigmatic Idol to the south in any order. The Enigmatic Idol requires you to add the Flower Pot on the blank spot of the nose section, the eyes should be crosses and the mouth should have its tongue poking out.

The Strange Idol requires you to have imprinted the Cheese Wheel from the ship on the Jail Carvings. If you've done that simply slot in the cheese and match the Weather Vane. The face needs triangular eyes, a nose with large circular nostrils and a semi-circle mouth.

Finally head to the Messed Up Idol to the north-east of Flotsam Island. Distract the Maquis by telling him that King Louis is behind him, whilst he's distracted simply put the U-Tube you got from the Glass Blower into the end of his Rifle.

With the Maquis in the idol the way to solve it is to rotate the features until they cause him to sigh with pleasure. You might also be able to see the correct face if you hold up the Weather Vane. It consists of the three eyes, a dripping nose and a swirly mouth.


Finally setting sail on the Screaming Narwhal the only thing standing in your way is your own hand. Head up the steps and take the wheel, this should cause the boat to tilt and roll a barrel of tar towards the cannon.

Go fire the cannon and the tar should explode all over the floor. You can't directly stick your hand in there so attempt to point on the map and you'll fall into the tar and incapacitate your hand. Ask Winslow to set sail for the Rock of Gelato to finish the chapter.