Q: What combination do I need to use to disprove Krebbs?
A: The correct liquids to match the Purple Skull pattern are the blue wax from in Club 41 and the red oozing liquid from De Singe's.
Q: What about the other liquids? Do they do anything?
A: Nope. You don't even need to collect them and they all vanish anyway.
Q: How do I get a red eye for D'Oro?
A: The only person who'll stay enraged for long enough is the Judge. Make him angry and use the eye on him.
Q: What do the other recipes do?
A: They just make some extra drinks to have instead of Grog, nothing more.
Q: How can I find the beast?
A: You get some limbs from De Singe's place (use a hook for the lock) and some sugar from Club 41. Pour the sugar into the Jungle Well and then dip a leg in. Put that leg on the altar and then follow the path.
Q: The sixth sense? This map makes no sense!
A: The key to the map is realising that the jungle layout changes when you change the folds. You need to get to the ? but to do so you need to first go to the only joining part - the red Idol. To get there you need to fold all of the corners in - the ? should not even appear on the map at the moment. When you're there you can refold the map to join with the ? by unfolding the bottom left corner and the only path will lead you to your prize.
Q: Where do I get a shock from?
A: Static will build up in the carpet in Club 41 if you walk about on it. Try to leave and the shock will be much stronger than usual.