Just the Clicks


  1. Call Hardtack as a witness.
  2. Say that he's lying three times.


  1. Call for a recess.
  2. Ask to see your lawyer.
  3. Go to Club 41.
  4. Get a line of Volcano Shots.
  5. Use an empty glass on Skull Candle.
  6. Go to the Glassblower shop.
  7. Use Volcano Shot on Leg Lamp.
  8. Go to De Singe's house.
  9. Use an empty glass on Oozing Fluid.
  10. Return to court.
  11. Call Krebbs as a witness.
  12. Use Caustic Fluid on the Leg Lamp.
  13. Use Wax on the Leg Lamp.
  14. Present Leg Lamp to witness.


  1. Call for a recess.
  2. Ask to see your lawyer.
  3. Talk to Stan outside the Keelhauler.
  4. Ask about what he's selling.
  5. Ask about the magnetic game.
  6. Pick up the game.
  7. Use the game on bowl on the docks.
  8. Use hook on cage by De Singe's.
  9. Return to court.
  10. Call Hemlock as a witness.
  11. Use monkey on cat.


  1. Call for a recess.
  2. Ask to see your lawyer.
  3. Talk to D'Oro in prison.
  4. Ask why he's testifying.
  5. Go to the Glassblower shop.
  6. Click on the door.
  7. Ask for an eye.
  8. Return to court.
  9. Talk to Judge and object.
  10. Use eye on enraged Judge.
  11. Call for a recess.
  12. Ask to see your lawyer.
  13. Give D'Oro the eye.
  14. Return to court.
  15. Call D'Oro as a witness.
  16. Present map to witness.


  1. Talk to Krebbs.
  2. Flirt.
  3. Ask for any drink from WP.
  4. Click on puddle.
  5. Click on note on shoe.
  6. Flirt with Krebbs.
  7. Ask WP to make recipe from shoe.
  8. Use summons with dart board.
  9. Talk to the girls and encourage Elaine.

First Course

  1. Go to Creepy Shack in the Jungle.
  2. Use Leg Lamp on Moths.
  3. Show Leg Lamp to Stan.
  4. Ask about merchandise.
  5. Ask about LeChuck doll.
  6. Pick up rag.
  7. Use rag with sponge.

Second Course

  1. Go to Club 41.
  2. Pick up sugar from table.
  3. Go to De Singe's.
  4. Use hook on backroom door.
  5. Go to the well in the Jungle.
  6. Use sugar on well.
  7. Use limbs on well.
  8. Go to alter in the Jungle.
  9. Use limb on altar.
  10. Go back to altar.
  11. Go west.
  12. Go west.
  13. Go north.
  14. Click on trail.
  15. Use Lamp with Beast.
  16. Pick up Paw.
  17. Use paw with sponge.

Third Course

  1. Go to Club 41.
  2. Ask about challenge.
  3. Go to De Singe's.
  4. Use helmet.
  5. Press left button.
  6. Go to Club 41.
  7. Use hook on pepper.
  8. Use pepper with sponge.

Fourth Course

  1. Look at map.
  2. Unfold top.
  3. Unfold bottom.
  4. Fold top left.
  5. Fold top right.
  6. Fold bottom left.
  7. Fold bottom right.
  8. Fold top.
  9. Fold bottom.
  10. Go to Jungle.
  11. Go north at the entrance.
  12. Go east at the altar.
  13. Go east at the stone block.
  14. Go south at the Purple Idol.
  15. Go north at the Green Idol.
  16. Look at map.
  17. Unfold bottom.
  18. Unfold bottom left.
  19. Fold bottom.
  20. Go south.
  21. Use hook on chest.
  22. Use cards with sponge.

Fifth Course

  1. Go to Club 41.
  2. Walk back and forth on carpet near entrance.
  3. Exit Club 41.

Sixth Course

  1. Exit Club 41.
  2. Throw sponge in device.
  3. Use sugar on bucket.
  4. Use pepper on De Singe.
  5. Talk to De Singe.
  6. Encourage Elaine.
  7. Throw sponge in device.