Q: How do I get the yellow bile?
A: You first need to open up the shortcut by using the three bumps in the far end of the belly. Then after asking him to up-tempo you can jump into the Weird
Q: Why won't De Cava drink the bile?
A: You need to trick him. He'll occasionally take off his monocular, take it when he does and replace the lens with the Fish Eye of the Manatee, then give it back.
Q: How do I get Murray to vote for me?
A: Switch the covers of the Torture Manual and the New Member's Manual and give him one of them. You get the Torture Manual from inside the Iron Monkey. You get to the Iron Monkey by pouring yellow bile into a blocked nodule thing.
Q: How do I play the bongos and get the tongue?
A: There's a fish on the ship which can play the bongos.
Q: I don't have a picture to swap in the locket.
A: Jump back into the water and use the Seahorse Head to get back inside the Manatee. The picture should be next to the bongos.
Q: I'm missing some expressions for the face-off, where are they all?
  • Figurehead of the ship in the belly.
  • Use yellow bile on painting.
  • Give yellow bile to De Cava.
  • ARRR Noogie.
  • ARRR Moose.
  • ARRR Morgan.
  • And the last three appear when you get into the second round.
Q: How do I get back into the Manatee?
A: Use the Seahorse Head.