The Ferryman

We begin the chapter as always, buried alive! Or rather, buried dead. You'll have to dig your way out by clicking on the dirt. A second click of the dirt will let you emerge from the grave.

Walk past the Grog Machine to the dock where there's a mysterious Boat and Ferryman combo. Chat with him a bit if you like, you'll learn that you need two gold coins to gain passage on the boat. In order to get that you're going to need to distract him, chuck some of your Grave Dirt on the side of the boat and you'll be free to borrow from the Tip Jar on the turnstiles.

Use the note on the Grog Machine and then either purchase a Grog or press the Change button. If you buy a Grog now you'll have to go and get another note from the Tip Jar and then insert it into the Grog Machine and ask for Change - you will need the Grog later on but you can always come back for it when you actually need it.

Give the Ferryman the two Golden Pieces of Eight and you'll sail for the centre of the Crossroads.


Talk to Galeb and enquire about anyone ever returning to the living world. He'll tell you of a Voodoo Spell that LeChuck has previously used to escape the Crossroads.

Get back onto the boat and head south to the Treasure Hunt spot. Talk to the pirate standing by the huge pile of treasure and ask him to show you how to dig. Grab the Jeweled Anchor from the floor behind where he was standing.

Walk over to the sign on the right and click on the Skull and Crossbones, one of the bones will drop off and into your pocket. Clamber back onto the boat and go west to the Gateway. You can take the Tip Jar now, there's nobody around to stop you. Follow the path to the other end of the island and give the bone to the dog running about there.

Next stop; Thieves' Den. Most of the items on the island are just distractions, the one you want now is a sock hanging up to the far right. Click on it and the Thief will let you have it. Time to go back to the Treasure Hunt now.

Combine Franklin with the Sock and then use him on the Ground Full of Xs. Follow him back to the centre of the Crossroads. Use the stinky sock on Galeb to get him to step backwards and allow Franklin to dig up the treasure chest beneath his feet.

At this point you can also purchase the photograph Galeb took of you when you arrived, simply give him some of the money from the Tip Jar.

Take the chest to the Thief and show it to him. He'll unlock it and steal the spell from inside. To get it back first you need to distract him and then you should use Franklin on the pile of scrolls. Once he's in there just steal any old item and you'll be kicked out - the item will just get stolen back so you don't get to keep it.

Franklin will however manage to get away with the scroll, to find him simply go to the Treasure Hunt island and use Franklin on the ground again. With the spell in hand and most of the items already collected, head to the centre again.

Use the Jeweled Anchor, Franklin the Dog, and the Bottle O' Grog on the Crossroads Centre. Then jump back onto the boat and set sail for the northern spot, Swordfight. Follow the windy path up to a mast which you'll need to climb to reach the actual swordfight. After the conversation, grab the Ghostly Sword that's stuck in the pirate's head and then use it on Morgan to initiate a three-way insult swordfight.

Morgan: My career as a pirate hunter was about as successful as my career as a marathon runner.
Swordfighter: Nobody's ever drawn blood from me and nobody ever will.
Guybrush: You run THAT fast?
S: I once owned a dog that was smarter than you.
M: It's hopeless. I can't believe I once studied under the greatest swordsman in the Caribbean.
G: He must have taught you everything you know.
M: I'm useless. I can barely even lift my sword.
S: There certainly is a foul smell comin' from this fight!
G: See, in some ways you ARE stronger than me!
M: I died a failure. I used to dream that somebody would call me the greatest Pirate Hunter in the world.
S: You make me want to puke.
G: I bet people say that about YOU all the time!
S: I'm the most cunning pirate on the seven seas! Do you know what my IQ is, boy?
M: Seriously, on a scale of one to ten, how terrible a person am I?
G: Negative One. If that.

Get three in a row right and Morgan will regain her confidence. Get one wrong and you have to start the fight over.

Talk to Morgan and ask about the spell, don't bother asking about the Sacrifice on this first bit, instead click the bottom option and then click on the mention of the Sacrifice on the next set of options.


Click on the Enchanted Cutlass of Kaflu.

Step onto the boat and head for the Gateway. After the brief conversation with Galeb, go down the path to where you originally found Franklin and step through the Rip.

Jump into the Ocean to descend down into the Giant Manatee Mating Grounds. Ignore the Locket for now, instead go to the large cave where the female manatee was before, talk to Anemone and ask whether you can get her to come out. She should mention Winslow. Go back to the surface and talk to Winslow.

Ask him to give her a sign, he'll write a poem and drop it into the water. Go down there again and tell Anemone that he has done so. As she swims past the locket she'll cause the seaweed it's stuck on to wave back and forth. Approach the Giant Clam and it'll snap shut, walk away and it will open again and release a bubble of air that will dislodge the locket.

Use the Spirit Photo on the Locket and then ask Winslow to press the button for you. It will cause you to repossess your body at last. Surrender to get thrown into jail by Grindstump. Whilst in there you should investigate the Loose Brick on the wall behind you. Inside you'll find a diary that details how Bugeye escaped from the Manatee. Wait a bit and you'll return to your ghostly form.

Jump back through the rip to the Gateway. The next rip you'll want to go through is in the Swordfight area. Before you can get there though the Voodoo Lady informs you on what you're supposed to be doing and how to remain in your body long enough to do so. Walk through the rip up by the mast to enter Club 41.

To get into the other cell, the one with the gum, you're going to need to make sure the cell you're usually taken to is full. So talk to Bugeye and subtley let him know that you know how he escaped - via the tongue. Then mention how he rode a mer-person to Flotsam. He'll then pull a face which you'll need to copy: Stinky, Tweaking, Meanie.

Go back through the rip, take the boat to the Gateway and then possess your body again. Surrender again and you'll be taken to the correct cell. Unfortunately there's still another step to go before it's permanent. Grab the mug and then try to escape via the hole behind the poster. You'll die again.

Return to Club 41 in ghost form and talk to Grindstump. Scare him by pulling any old face and he'll throw a dart at the barrels above your dead body. This will fill the mug with Root Beer. One final time go back to Winslow, and possess your body. Surrender to the Judge once again and then finally use the Root Beer on the chewing gum on the window ledge.

Head through the Escape Tunnel and, after some chatter, you'll return to the centre of the Crossroads again.


Go to the Gateway and ask Galeb to help you reverse the Feast of the Senses spell. He'll give you a spell just like the one that LeChuck used to escape, a big long screen of text.

Go through the rip on this island to get back to the Mating Ground. Pick up the Deodorant from the raft and then jump into the ocean. You'll just be wanting to pick up the Fishnet down here, the helmet isn't of any use. Return through the Rip and next go to Treasure Hunt.

Dig up the ground a bit and you should disturb a cloud of miniature Pyrite Parrots. Walk towards the "TREZER" sign and use the Fishnet to capture the Parrots. Combine them with the Tip Jar and then go through the Rip here.

There's nothing of any real consequence to learn from the Voodoo Lady here, so exit the conversation and then pick up the Feather off the ground. Use your Hook on the locked Treasure Chest to find a Charming Belt Buckle.

Next stop: Thieves' Den. Use the Belt Buckle on the Thief to cause him to trust you. Then click on the Secret a couple of times and he'll let you take it. Off to Swordfight Island to get the last two items.

Go through the rip and take the Blindfold from the far end of the bar, then talk to Grindstump and surrender. You'll get put into jail again where you can take a piece of the gum from the top of the window. Exit the jail through the Escape Tunnel and then make your way back to the centre of the Crossroads.

Use the following items on the sponge, in any order you like.

Sight: Blindfold
Sound: Jar of Pyrite Parrots
Touch: Seagull Feather
Sixth Sense: Secret
Smell: Deodorant
Taste: Gum


Time to get thrown around LeChuck's ship for a while. You start off high up in the Crow's Nest, use your Hook on the Mainsail to slide down it to the front of the ship.

Talk to Elaine and ask her to attack LeChuck. Wait around a bit and LeChuck will appear and keelhaul you. If you asked Elaine to attack him he'll get distracted half way round, so grab the ring of keys from one of the skeletons underneath when you stop.

You'll get thrown into the cabin doors, one of them will break off and fall onto the ground. Ignore it for now and just wait for LeChuck to throw you back up to the Crow's Nest. Continue waiting once you get there and he'll throw you back down to the front of the ship.

Open up the barrel storage with the keys you picked up and then once again wait for LeChuck to throw you towards the back of the ship. Click on the door on the floor and then use it on the barrel. Ask Elaine to light the cannon and then LeChuck will throw you back up to the Crow's Nest again. Use your hook to slide down the rope and then once again wait for LeChuck. He'll throw you down to the seesaw again, stand on it and wait for him to jump down.

Throw your Shred of Life into the Rip to close it and trap LeChuck, allowing Morgan and Elaine to finish him. To finish off the game and the season, use Elaine's Ring on the Crossroads Centre.