Just the Clicks


  1. Talk to Morgan to move around the ship.
  2. Pick up hook by the seagull.
  3. Use the hook on cable above the wheel.
  4. Slice rope on the sail.
  5. Push the wheel.
  6. Pester the seagull.

Spinner Cay

  1. Talk to Elaine for the Transit Pass.

Fish Artifact

  1. Click on the Statue in Spinner Cay.
  2. Combine Fish Eye with Eye of the Manatee.
  3. Use Locket on Manatee on Roe Island.
  4. Combine Paper with Fish Eye of the Manatee.
  5. Get 101 Fish Jokes from the Library.
  6. Inspect book.
  7. Get Glowy Bait from Bait and Repair.
  8. Use Glowy Bait on Hook at the Fishing Well in the jungle on Spoon Isle.

Turtle Artifact

  1. Find LeChuck on Spoon Isle.
  2. Pick up coupon next to LeChuck.
  3. Redeem it for an Oyster.
  4. Examine Oyster.
  5. Give Pearl to LeChuck.
  6. Tell LeChuck to use Pearl with Claw Thingie.
  7. Tell LeChuck to use MerFolk Key with clamshell lock.
  8. Pick up Prying Tool from altar.
  9. Give Prying Tool to LeChuck.

Seahorse Artifact

  1. Get pirates on Spoon Isle into a staring contest.
  2. Distract them into both looking away.
  3. Put Pyrite Parrot into the chest.
  4. Go to Brillig Isle and dig up chest.


  1. Go back to Spinner Cay with all three artifacts.
  2. Get Hot Tub Control during the Siege.
  3. Get Bucket from front of Bait and Repair shop.
  4. Free Elaine from in front of the Library.
  5. Pick up Hot Coals on the ground with bucket.
  6. Find LeChuck on Spoon Isle again.
  7. Put Coals and Control on Barbecue on Spoon Isle.
  8. Turn up the temperature.
  9. Put Pyrite Parrot onto Barbecue.
  10. Take melted parrot to cliff and pour it into the alter below.
  11. Use the Prying Tool to get the fake artifact.
  12. Give fake to LeChuck.


  1. Insult McGillicuty to break the mast.
  2. Go to Brillig Island and tell pirates to search by the tree.
  3. Push over the Rubber Tree.
  4. Get Anemone to fix mast with Rubber Tree.
  5. Insult McGillicutty again.


  1. Throw Ball into Ocean by the Screaming Narwhal.